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Accurate and clear customer communication is critical for a logistics service provider like ODTH First Class logistics. To achieve that, a complete and detailed overview of stock and shipments – which are spread out over 6 locations in the top logistic region between Antwerp and Brussels and over 150,000 m² of warehouse space – is vital. That’s why ODTH asked Flexso Digital to help develop a custom-built customer portal to suit its specific needs.

ODTH and Flexso have joined forces before. The Flexso Digital team helped ODTH set up a smart warehouse, completely with fully digital truck registration and planning – powered by smart ANPR cameras, digital registration kiosks and intelligent, sensor-based truck docking. This smart warehouse setup proved to be the perfect foundation for the customer portal. The data was already being captured; it was just a matter of communicating it clearly and efficiently to the customer.

Two birds with one stone

ODTH had two objectives: to streamline its customer communication and gain customer insights. To achieve these goals, the logistics company decided to implement a customer portal with a Timestamp App and a Stock App. By integrating these applications into a user-friendly online portal, ODTH offers full transparency to customers on their material stock and shipment statuses. 

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Customer insights into stock and shipment status

Thanks to the Stock App, customers have a complete overview of their goods at ODTH at all times: status, availability, movements, location, expiry date and more. They can export the data as an Excel spreadsheet and download it, which makes performing analytical calculations a breeze. A win for everyone involved!

Want to offer a premium digital customer self-service experience while gaining valuable business insights? The B2B Portal, an SAP extension developed by Flexso, has you covered. 

To provide clients with a detailed overview and status of their ongoing shipments, ODTH created the TimeStamp App. When the customer selects a shipment, they see every single detail of that shipment: whether it was delivered on time, still has to arrive, was too late, etc. The data is extracted from ODTH’s “smart warehousing” system: smart ANPR cameras and truck docking sensors update the portal Timestamps in real-time, so the customer gets an accurate status overview, down to the second! The information is plotted on a timeline, which shows exactly when a certain activity – such as loading/unloading, registration, exit, … – occurred. The customer can filter their shipments according to the parameters of their choice: shipment number, time range, loading/unloading, license plate and more. Here too, all the data can be downloaded as an Excel spreadsheet.

The customer portal runs on SAP Cloud Platform and is built with SAP’s proven Fiori UX frontend technology. Thanks to specific customer roles, authorisations and “secure single sign on” between the SAP Cloud Platform and ECC, customers only have access to data concerning their own materials and shipments, guaranteeing complete data privacy.

“Thanks to the portal our customers can quickly and easily find an answer to their questions before even asking.”
Bart Weymans, project and innovation manager at ODTH First Class Logistics

A timesaver and productivity booster

By providing vital information directly to the customer through the Timestamp and Stock Apps, ODTH helps them save time. As both the ODTH backoffice team and their customers no longer have to manually search through and download information or maintain endless email chains back and forth, they are able to focus on more value-adding tasks. This in turn allows ODTH to further enhance its service offering. 

Are you interested in improving your customer communication with a customer portal? Our experts are happy to help!

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