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Digital transformation isn’t the sole domain of the IT department: the whole point of new technology is to revolutionize business processes. Plenty of approaches already exist to facilitate the collaboration between business and IT, such as low-code app development, SAP Cloud Platform and SAP Intelligent Technologies. But how can developers give business leaders more control over the complex digital tools they need to make agile decisions?

Flexso Digital’s answer is clear: we’re convinced that SAP BRF+ is the ideal tool for putting IT-heavy business rule management back into the capable hands of the decision-makers who know those rules best.

Keep the change, master the rules with digital tools

New technologies and ways of working means that business processes are becoming more complex, change faster and depend heavily on business rules. These rules drive a company’s activities, coordinate workflows and automate decision making in dynamic situations, including:

  • Product customisation configuration
  • Cost, pricing, tax and discount calculation
  • Steering workflow decisions that require approval

To sum up: complex business rulesets subject to constant change can involve a lot of manual work and introduce a high potential for error – unless you automate the process of managing those changes using digital tools.

5 reasons why BRF+ could be your company's BFF

Business rules are the underlying foundations of business applications – which developers often have to configure at very short notice. What if decision makers could manage and configure their own business rules without relying on the IT team for small changes and even more complex programming tasks?

Enter SAP Business Rule Framework Plus (BRF+), an intuitive tool that drives easy, hassle-free business rule modelling.

  1.  A central location: BRF+ is a single place where users can find, create and manager business rules through a user-friendly, web-based interface.
  2.  Introduces autonomy: business experts can maintain their applications and the organisation’s business rules themselves for each system or environment.
  3.  Drives agility: front-line business specialists can rapidly make changes to business processes without the assistance of developers and complex programming.
  4.  Keeps business decisions with the experts: responsibility for business logic stays with business specialists and functional designers instead of being transferred to a technical team.
  5.  Configures SAP S/4HANA output management by default: the creation of outputs like forms, invoices, letters and more is configured in BRF+, making it simple to select the medium (e-mail, print, PDF, etc.) by customer category, sales channel, organisation, and more.

Easy management of complex calculations

The Flexso Digital team is a big supporter of BRF+. We’ve brought the solution to numerous customers in a range of domains.

Work with Flexso Digital and benefit from:

  • Our robust knowledge center and documentation library for BRF+
  • BRF+ specific integration cookbooks
  • Best practices
  • Training courses
  • Custom factory class that allows you to integrate BRF+ easily

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