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Since the coronavirus hit in mid-March, it has been dramatically reshaping the market and our businesses, and it will continue to do so for the coming months. How do you cater to today’s rapid changes? What if you could launch new ideas, solutions and service offerings, based on your existing IT environment, in no time? SAP Cloud Platform helps your organization create its own answers to any change or challenge – quickly and effectively. 

Making it happen with SAP Cloud Platform

With SAP Cloud Platform, you can rapidly build custom digital solutions to suit your specific needs, while protecting the integrity, reliability and performance of your core business systems. This allows you to offer these solutions to your employees, partners and customers in a matter of weeks – both online and in the cloud and in a really agile way. 

Why SAP Cloud Platform is a must-have in uncertain times:

•   Allows for rapid implementation of end-to-end, enterprise-grade applications
•   Apps can be offered as digital services to employees, customers and partners
•   Fully cloud-based, agile, end-to-end development environment
•   Integration with any core (SAP) backoffice system (e.g. HRIS, CRM, ECC, S/4 HANA … ) or other technologies
•   Powered by core SAP technologies, such as Fiori UX, Cloud Application Programming Model (CAPM) and Core Data Services (CDS), which also fuel SAP S/4HANA
•   Ensures a consistent user experience across all apps, thanks to Fiori  

First see, then believe? Here’s how we built a workplace reservation app with SAP Cloud Platform

Business challenge: create a user-friendly workplace reservation app

While employees are cautiously returning to the office, there is a clear need to do so in a controlled and safe way. So, how can you provide the comfort of an office space while limiting the number of employees present – as determined by the legal guidelines? Can you keep a reliable record of the people that pass through the office to check in case the coronavirus does strike? And above all: how do you build a solution that is up and running as quickly as possible? We built a custom-built workplace reservation app in SAP Cloud Platform.

Endless integration possibilities

As the app is connected with the company’s SAP platform and enriched with HR data, it knows each employee and their job function. This is a great asset for the employer: they get to know exactly which employee was in the office at what time, making COVID-19 monitoring a lot easier. Additionally, they can easily expand the functionality of the app to restrict areas of the workplace based on job function – allowing access to the first floor to the finance team, for example, while the marketing team is expected to work on the second floor. 

Start building your digital services

The workplace reservation app is just one example of how SAP Cloud Platform enables you to develop a custom solution to suit specific needs, without any impact on your core business systems.

Make the difference with your competitors: offer agile, digital services in today’s competitive market, powered by SAP Cloud Platform!

Interested in harnessing the innovative power of SAP Cloud Platform to tackle changing circumstances? Get in touch!

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