The future of IT is hybrid, combining the benefits of both on-premise and cloud solutions. Forward-looking companies need to be just as evolutionary and flexible as the world they operate in. How? By adapting swiftly to constantly changing business and IT environments and seamlessly connecting things, people and processes.

4 ways to tackle your integration challenges

Increased time pressure and the need for greater agility lead to new integration challenges. For instance, how can you build a scalable and secure architecture with reusable microservices and APIs to create business apps? And can you model, orchestrate and automate business processes seamlessly across cloud and on-premise infrastructure? Here are 4 ways to get started.

Why not build your own flexible business processes using data from multiple systems? SAP Cloud Platform Workflow Service and SAP Process Orchestration BPM allow you to connect cloud and on-premise systems to orchestrate process steps into end-to-end, enterprise-wide business processes.
Additionally, SAP’s prepackaged Cloud Integration content helps you smoothly integrate cloud and on-premise apps. Case in point: the SD Worx E-Blocks Payroll Engine

Exchange documents such as products, orders and invoices in a fully digital way, both internally and externally with your suppliers, customers or the government. Or, allow your business partners to consult your data and create a completely new business model out of it.

Provide your employees, suppliers, customers and partners with the data they need to do business with you and their customers. Indeed, data is the gold of the 21st century. Out-of-the-box APIs and tools like SAP API Business Hub, SAP Cloud Platform API Management, SAP NetWeaver Gateway and Core Data Services provide you with everything you need to unleash the power of your data.

With SAP Cloud Platform, you can rapidly build apps and integrations in the cloud and on premise. Or, create microservices in a multi-runtime environment that includes Java, NodeJS, PHP, Ruby, Go, etc. Expose and exploit them both internally and externally with SAP Cloud Platform API Management.

Set up a continuous delivery and integration process, harness your development and operations setup, and integrate it fully with your SAP system using Git, Maven, Jenkins, Eclipse and SAP’s CI Best Practices. 

Technology meets business

To succeed, you need both the process and technological expertise to orchestrate, automate and integrate the most complex processes across the value chain. But you also have to know SAP’s integration portfolio inside out to understand which technologies can help you achieve your business goals best. Through an end-to-end approach, we can help you achieve this.

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	Technology meets business

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