Every company’s success story is unique. That’s why no business solution is ever completely the same across different organizations. Armed with expertise in business processes and technologies, you can develop applications that fit your specific needs and allow you to easily get the information you need when you need it.

Developing your tailor-made app: 4 things to consider

With the right toolset and state-of-the-art integration, you can build apps, portals and dashboards featuring the latest and greatest in user experience design and front-end technology trends. Turn your dreams into reality. 

Create the most intuitive and efficient look and feel for your application. After all, great usability is key in empowering your end users to focus on what really matters. For specific cases, you can count on our friends at Monkeyshot to help you deliver an out-of-this-world experience.

Discover how V!go applies UX in a mobile Windows 8.1 app for caretakers. 

Apps are everywhere: on our computers, smartphones, watches… They help you bring your specific data and processes to your end users in the most efficient way. So, of course, SAP is fully app-enabled. With SAP Fiori, the default UX tool for SAP S/4HANA, for example, you get access to thousands of out-of-the-box applications for SAP that work on any device. But what if the app you need is not in the SAP Fiori Apps Library yet? No problem: we’ve got your back. 

Build faster than ever before with Mendix

With low code and SAP Cloud Rapid Application Development by Mendix, you can build apps faster than ever before using 70% less code. Integrate them elegantly with SAP using the Fiori look and feel (optional) and enjoy seamless connectivity and security. The result? Closer collaboration between business and IT, fewer resources used and faster time to value.

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Before designing your app, you need to clearly define the business problem and requirements through design thinking. By doing this, you set your targets right from the very beginning and make sure you create what you really need. Prototyping is an essential part of that process. SAP Build is a powerful prototyping tool that changes the way you innovate and build apps.

Discover how we use SAP Build to prototype apps. 

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