A fast-changing economic landscape, increasingly empowered customers, complex regulations… Businesses today face a number of unprecedented challenges. The best way to tackle them and differentiate your organization from the competition is by being the smartest kid on the block. Flexso Digital helps you leverage the power of innovative digital technologies to make your business more intelligent.


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Become a star in the digital universe

Companies worldwide in every sector are embracing Business 4.0 technologies to become the stars in an increasingly digital universe. But more than just innovating for innovation’s sake, the key to leveraging the power of these technologies is to align them with your organization’s needs. By using SAP Intelligent Technologies and a design-thinking approach, you can facilitate smart innovation.

Intelligently connecting people, things and businesses

SAP intelligent Technologies is a digital innovation platform that allows you to connect ‘things’ to business processes and people. It consists of combining a technology platform – SAP Cloud Platform – and numerous building blocks to create your own tailored solution. By leveraging pre-built content and best practices, the solution gives you a head start with IoT, big data, and other innovations.

Find out how several companies boost their business with SAP Intelligent Technologies.

Design thinking: unlocking your potential

With all the new technologies harnessed by SAP Intelligent Technologies, virtually anything becomes possible. The main challenge today is not merely innovating, but identifying those use cases that will add the most value to your business. A design-thinking approach helps you to define your business needs and unlock hidden opportunities in your company.

Discover how design thinking can unleash digital innovation in your company. 

Digital use cases

With the technology in your pocket – SAP Intelligent Technologies, that is – and the right strategy and mindset – design thinking – you’re good to go. Curious about what you can achieve?

  • Keep track of inventory levels and receive notifications when additional stock needs to be ordered;
  • Safeguard quality through process and product monitoring from production to sale;
  • Support employee safety, wellbeing and productivity through smart dashboards and smart glasses;
  • Offer end customers traceability and transparency when it comes to production, shipment and delivery; 
  • Build customer self-service dashboards for digital products and consumption transparency;
  • Bill customers as they consume instead of using inflexible lump sum contracts;
  • Automate business decisions using machine learning and artificial intelligence;
  • Identify assets in the warehouse or the field using artificial intelligence and image recognition.

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