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This year, more than ever, it’s all about connection. Connection between loved ones, technologies, platforms, businesses, and beyond. Are you ready to discover the best practices of other companies and get strategic advice from leading SAP customers and partners? Tune in for this year’s virtual USERday. In multiple inspirational and – of course – digital sessions, you will gain a fresh perspective and valuable ideas. 

Don't miss this digital event! Join us at the SAPience virtual USERday on 15 and 16 December. Curious to find out what more Flexso has in store for you? Discover all our presentations here.

As an SAP user community partner, we will share and present some interesting cases at this event. In the Technology track, you can follow on December 15, 15:00 next presentation: Connect business & IT in co-innovating your own SAP extensions powered by SAP Cloud Platform.

What can you expect?
New ideas, trends and solutions follow each other in quick succession, both inside and outside of SAP. Looking for an extension to get the utmost value from the standard SAP solutions you are already using, while keeping the core clean? No problem! We help you co-create your own solution extensions. With our accelerators and extension packages, like SAP Cloud Platform Foundations accelerator, we put you on the road to rapid business innovation, faster than ever before.

During this presentation you will discover:

  • What core principles help to connect Business & IT when creating extensions on top of SAP Cloud Platform
  • How we can help business & IT with the challenges they face, allowing them to focus on what is important.
  • What an extension project roadmap could look like
  • Do you have great ideas to help optimize your business processes?

After this session you will have an idea on what to expect and how we can start co-creating your new extension. Don't miss this day and join us at the SAPience USERday on 15 and 16 December. 

Not a SAPience member, but still want to attend? Get in touch, we’ll help you out!

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