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What if you could visually recognize all your assets simply by taking a picture? Enter the Flexso Smart Material Wizard application. It’s like your eyes, but smarter and connected to SAP. Just take a picture and find the material in SAP!

What is the Flexso Smart Material Wizard?

Even in today’s digital world where innovations roam freely, many tasks still depend heavily on visual inspection by a person. To check the states of materials or equipment, for instance, a person often needs to visually inspect the goods. The same goes for ordering spare parts: it’s necessary to visually recognise the broken assets and find them in the SAP system based on your description.

That’s a thing of the past with the Smart Material Wizard. The app recognises materials, assets, and equipment based on a picture. It combines visual artificial intelligence and machine-learning algorithms with the SAP solutions you already use today into an intuitive smartphone application. Flexso pre-trains the app tailored to your company so that it already recognises your materials in your processes the moment you start using it. 

Key benefits of the Smart Material Wizard

  • Increase the speed and accuracy of warehouse processes
  • Reduce data quality issues of products, materials, equipment
  • Seamless integration with other SAP solutions
  • Choice of deployment options
  • Fast time to value
  • User-friendly Fiori-based mobile app
  • Order spare parts for repair via a preconfigured solution
  • Scalable package
  • Minimal risk: the solution is delivered at a fixed price with a fixed implementation time

Want to learn all about the capabilities? Download the product sheet for a full description.

How does the Material Wizard work?

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The Smart Material Wizard is simple and ready to use, easy to configure and to train. It offers you 3 basic features:

  • The material wizard allows operators and technicians to recognize materials simply by taking a picture, including a feedback loop to the system.
  • The self-service training cockpit allows key users themselves to train the app to recognise your company’s specific materials.
  • The IT admin cockpit allows you to manage the solution and start and stop the app.

The Smart Material Wizard is fully powered by the SAP Intelligent Technologies Machine Learning Foundation.

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