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A subsidiary of the Japan-based Terumo Corporation, Terumo Europe provides the EMEA healthcare market with valuable medical products and services that benefit both patients and healthcare professionals. Faced with maintenance challenges at its plants, Terumo Europe turned to SAP Fiori – and Flexso Digital – for an intelligent, mobile maintenance foundation.

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From e-mail chains to mobile-first

Terumo Europe implemented SAP ECC for its manufacturing sites in 2013. In 2019, the company moved its IT infrastructure to the Azure cloud, with plans to shift to S/4HANA on the horizon.

While SAP ECC did support manufacturing processes, plant maintenance functionalities were fairly limited. Personnel found it difficult to register maintenance incidents in SAP while on the work floor.

Because the Terumo Europe IT team intends to keep SAP ECC the company’s core system, they explored different opportunities to enhance the existing environment. With previous positive collaborations in mind, Terumo chose Flexso to transform its plant management processes by introducing the simplifying, mobile-first power of SAP Fiori.

Why Terumo Europe chose SAP Fiori

• Fiori is a next-generation SAP UX – it gives all SAP processes an intuitive, beautiful look and feel.
• It’s responsive – each application has the same look and feel across devices.
• It’s along the path to SAP S/4HANA, which is on Terumo’s roadmap.
• Running Fiori Apps on the SAP Fiori Client offers mobile-native qualities, high performance and advanced security.

Introducing next-generation plant maintenance operations

Together with Terumo, we started from our Mobile Maintenance apps package and performed a fit-gap analysis to identity required customisations needed to adapt the solution to Terumo’s requirements. The result was an end-to-end mobile maintenance solution consisting of the following elements:

  • The Flexso Mobile Plant Maintenance Package customised specifically for Terumo, incorporating Terumo-specific SAP fields and small UI adaptations.
  • A brand new, custom-built, mobile-oriented Fiori app, the Incident Companion, for the direct registration of maintenance orders right on the work floor through barcode/QR scanning and automatic time registration;
  • Spare Parts Consumption, another brand new Fiori app created specifically for urgent orders that is linked to the warehouse management system (WMS), and mostly used by the back office.

Flexso’s Mobile Plant Maintenance Package

This bundle of mobile Fiori apps was designed for quick and easy implementation, and includes the following functionalities:
• Create maintenance request
• Create disturbance
• Create malfunction
• Notification list
• Order/operation list
• Confirm order operations

Super easy to use on the work floor, with user-friendly graphics and intuitive workflows.

The result?

Both Flexso and Terumo Europe agree: this was a fun project with good vibes and satisfying solutions – not only because of the quick, agile deployment, but also the positive experiences of the PM technicians who now rely on the new apps. Business users were involved in the project from the beginning, and their needs and ideas were incorporated into the solution through transparent cooperation.

“Flexso’s Mobile Plant Maintenance Package is a really good basis for getting familiarised with Fiori, and the agile project approach was the key to high user satisfaction. Even more, our users are better prepared for our future move to S/4HANA.”
Ann Pauwels, senior business analyst at Terumo Europe

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