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Terumo Europe is an important player in the EMEA healthcare market. As a subsidiary of the Japanese firm Terumo Corporation, the company is committed to unifying its EMEA business. Naturally, this involves several types of CAPEX investments, which require approval from multiple high-level people depending on the nature of the investment and the requested budget. Previously, these approval flows were still paper-based, making them very time-consuming. To digitize and automate them swiftly and efficiently, Terumo started developing custom apps with Mendix.

The approval flow for CAPEX investments at Terumo is one of the processes that was not integrated in its SAP software. The entire process happened on paper, through the Corporate Authorization System (CAS). In order to raise efficiency, the company decided to automate the approval flows with a user-friendly application that would also serve as a central database. 

Mendix: low-code, highly efficient

Flexso Digital suggested using Mendix, a “low code” platform offered by SAP to create applications with less code. Mendix allows anyone with a basic understanding of business software to build enterprise applications. Under the right conditions, it allows customers to create apps 5 to10 times faster and with significantly less expert resources than in classical programming environments.

As Terumo’s internal IT resources are limited, the company teamed up with long-term partner Flexso for support. “We’ve been working together for over 6 years on several projects,” says Sigurd Segers, Terumo EMEA Director Applications, Enterprise Architecture & Analytics. “They clearly understands our business needs and has a proven track record when it comes to mobile applications. It made perfect sense to ask them for advice as well as practical assistance with the implementation.”

“With Mendix, we were able to build a low-code, easy-to-adapt application that fast-tracked our approval flow.”
Sigurd Segers, director of Applications, Enterprise Architecture & Analytics at Terumo EMEA

Mendix: the key to speedy app development

Together, we decided to develop a custom application using low-code Mendix application development platform. As Mendix boosts the speed of application development significantly, Terumo was able to go live with the new app in no time: the app was built in 4 sprints, which were spread out over 6 weeks and included analysis and go-live. “The beauty of Mendix is that it’s easy to understand and customize applications”, Sigurd explains. “Because the platform is low-code, we can easily tweak the application as we gain new business insights, refining our tailor-made solution so that it keeps working for us.”

mockup terumo

The business benefits of Mendix

“We needed a solution that allowed us to both speed up the approval time and keep absolute track of every request”, Sigurd concludes. “By digitalising the approval flow, we also wanted to future-proof the process to allow further integrations with SAP suites or the creation of related applications for other business areas.”

In addition to helping Terumo with future-proofing, Mendix also provided other business benefits, such as:

  • evolution from a slow to a swift process thanks to digitalisation;
  • all applications are saved and stored: no chance of document loss and more reporting possibilities;
  • safeguarding of the integrity of CAS records;
  • ensuring appropriate user-access roles including confidentiality restrictions.

Want to build your own custom application with Mendix? We’re happy to help you get started!

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