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The SAPience MasterClasses are continuing in a virtual format. As a partner, we are looking forward to sharing our knowledge about different topics. For the next TECH MasterClass webinar on June 18, we'll be presenting the Miko success story 'Smart “coffee-as-a-service” powered by SAP Leonardo IoT at Miko'.

If you are not a SAPience member, don’t hesitate to contact us to attend.

About Miko
Miko is a well-known brand within the coffee industry. Not only for crafting an amazing product, but also adding significant value to product and customer by upholding the best customer service experience. Miko is constantly looking for ways to improve their service model. Together with Flexso Digital, Miko went on a journey to discover how Internet Of Things (IoT) technology could further skyrocket its customer service.

What to expect
In this 60-minutes webinar, you will learn more about:

  • How to optimize customer service activities with a mobile app for Miko service personnel
  • How to create a compelling and competitive product offering with pay per use invoicing
  • How to detect pro-actively and remotely technical machine issues
  • How customers can check their consumption and machine status in real-time through Miko’s “customer portal”

Herman Braeken, CIO of Miko will bring this presentation together with Nicolas Goris, Digital SAP Consultant at Flexso Digital.

June 18, 11.00 a.m.

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