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While using vision to improve order picking may seem futuristic, hundreds of companies and warehouses are already implementing vision picking solutions to make picking faster, smoother and significantly less error-prone. By choosing a solution that integrates seamlessly into your enterprise warehouse management (EWS) system, you’re sure to optimize those benefits even further.

Picavi, based in Germany, is a leader in vision order picking solutions. With over 50 live implementations, its Pick-by-Vision smart glass solution has absolutely proven its worth. To help you make the most of the tool, Picavi and Flexso Digital have now built a connector that seamlessly links the smart glasses to SAP S/4HANA EWM (Extended Warehouse Management ).

The missing link, provided by Flexso Digital

To build the connector, we combined standard SAP S/4HANA data APIs with SAP NetWeaver Gateway.

image picavi overview sap

The result is an easy-to-use, all-in-one solution:

  1. The order picker scans the warehouse order number;
  2. If necessary, they can scan packaging material as well;
  3. Next, the source bin containing the requested material is scanned. SAP S/4HANA EWM will suggest a source bin, but it’s also possible to guide the picker to the correct bin or for the picker to select another bin if needed;
  4. Finally, the order picker scans the destination bin and is requested to confirm that their task has been completed.

The Picavi solution supports all major warehouse management processes you can imagine including picking, putaway, inventory counting, … Watch this video to see how it works.

50% efficiency increase and other advantages


Your benefits? Pick-by-Vision processes 80% of the information visually. That makes the system both more intuitive and more efficient: when switching from a paper-based picking system to vision picking, overall efficiency is improved by 50%. 

The solution not only helps operators increase efficiency and work more accurately, it also keeps employees motivated and concentrated. That’s because it works intuitively: the Picavi interface only takes a few minutes to get used to, compared to the many hours needed to learn how to work with a traditional handheld picking device.
It’s no wonder then that the smart glasses solution is so eagerly welcomed by people in the field. It’s easy to work with and it increases their productivity, as both their hands remain free during use. In short, Pick-by-Vision is the innovation the world of logistics has been waiting for since the advent of ‘Pick-by-Voice’.

Want to experience Pick-by-Vision for yourself? Request a free demo today!

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