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Flexible remuneration is key to attracting and retaining talent in a modern business. Well aware of this trend, KBC created Flex Plan for its 15,000 employees. But a new remuneration system also entails a lot of work for the HR department. That’s why Flexso for People and Flexso Digital built a tailor-made self-service Fiori app that puts employees in charge of their compensation: Flextool.

Rising to the challenge

Creating Flextool didn’t happen overnight, partly due to the inherent complexity of Flex Plan. KBC’s remuneration system consists of many business rules and complicated tax calculations and is highly prone to legal changes.

But there were two more challenges to be met:

  • The app had to be easy to use for KBC’s 15,000 employees: all transactions made had to be easy, understandable and transparent. In other words: we needed a clear and intuitive user interface.
  • All transactions had to be processed without manual back-office interventions, avoiding extra work for the HR department. This means we had to build the app with automated interfaces with product vendors and customisable business rules and integrate it with the SAP HCM Payroll engine.

Design thinking to the rescue

So, how did we tackle these challenges? The road to success was obvious: to make sure that the app did what it had to do and was easy to use, we had to involve all relevant stakeholders early in the process. Indeed, design thinking proved the way to go.

We started with iterative prototyping sessions attended by all project stakeholders. During each session, we investigated the different processes and identified all necessary functionalities of the application while keeping a clear and consistent user experience in mind. Each session built on the previous session and involved mock-ups, wireframes and other ways to visualise the app. The result: a testable prototype ready to be validated by the users.

Almost there: the prototype validation

This final prototype was validated in KBC’s UX lab (also where the KBC Mobile Banking app was tested). We invited several KBC employees with different profiles from various departments to try out all kinds of transactions in the prototype. This user-centric approach allowed us to identify pain points while navigating through the prototype and improve our design accordingly.

The result is a future-proof, user-friendly app built in SAP Fiori – the standard for SAP user experience across the digital core. Flextool puts employees in the driver’s seat of their compensation packages by giving them access to mobility options, several digital tools, work-life balance options, simulation tools and much more. Needless to say: the app is ready for the future, and so is KBC.

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