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The next SAPience DIG Master Class will be on November 23. Do you want to know how SAP can help you in your quest to digital transformation? Do you want to be informed about possible outcomes of design thinking and the changes it can trigger to your ERP system? Or do you want to know how to implement blockchain and chatbots in your business processes? You’ll learn all this during our second Digital Transformation Master Class.

In this session, discover more about:

  • Design thinking at ODTH: How ODTH creates its new customer portal using design thinking & prototyping.
    Presentation by Flexso 
  • Intelligent processes powered by SAP Leonardo technologies: how modern digital technologies like Blockchain and Chatbots deliver smart and intelligent business processes into your company and beyond.
    Presentation by SAP 
  • ERP is dead, long live ERP: Get to know how we got to “ERP 3.0” and how this new breed of ERP will generate a tsunami of new projects.
    Presentation by Deloitte

Don’t miss this Master Class, register now! If you are not a SAPience member, don’t hesitate to contact us to attend.

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SAP Offices | Avenue des Olympiades 2 Olympiadenlaan | 1140 Evere

November 23, 13:00 to 17:00

We look forward to welcome you! 

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