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Are you a developer or team lead looking for a way to boost inspiration? Do you want to experience the joy of coding with your colleagues and have a fun and functional teambuilding? Then, why not try a code retreat, the light version of a hackathon. At Flexso Digital, we have organised one of these workshops, stimulating them to take a step back from the daily grind and rekindle their love affair with coding.

What is a code retreat?

A code retreat is a workshop where the focus isn’t on creating ‘usable’ code, but on the fundamentals of software development and design. Developers take part in focused exercises, away from the pressure of ‘getting things done’. This type of workshop usually centers around a theme, such as SOLID, the object-oriented design principles, or – in our case - the principles of functional programming.

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Tackle challenges through code

Code retreats are all about going back to basics. That’s why we tackled a series of challenges using functional programming. As our team consists of SAP specialists, all challenges were ingeniously designed to be tackled in either ABAP or JavaScript.

Our mission? To develop programs in which the output value of a function depends only on its arguments. In laymen’s terms: if the input doesn’t change, the output will always be the same as well – thus eliminating the impact of possible side effects .

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Build your team and expand your expertise

Of course, we didn’t have to face these challenges on our own. During the retreat, the Flexso Digital team worked together to solve the challenges they were presented with.

By turning it into a playful competition with a digital scoreboard keeping track of who finished first and how long it took to run the code, we were inspired to give it our all. Some were even pounding away at the keyboard well past midnight, adding the final tweaks to their solution.

“The code retreat was inspiring, as it allowed me and other developers to take a step back from our daily work.”
- Ann Koolen, SAP technical consultant at Flexso Digital

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Are you a coding guru who likes to have fun and experiment? Check out our job page, and who knows, maybe you’ll join us at our next code retreat!

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