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Providing a tailored and premium customer experience is becoming increasingly important – not only in a B2C context, but in B2B as well. To help you take your customer journey to the next level and gain valuable business insights in the process, Flexso created the B2B Portal: an accelerator that extends your SAP environment and services towards your B2B customers and partners.

How a B2B Portal benefits your business partners


With a B2B portal, you are able to deliver digital e-services to your customers and partners. These e-services complement your e-commerce channel and supplement the business processes running in your ERP system. It also include a track & trace feature for logistics partners and a safety portal for service contractors. Or, maybe your business could benefit from an IoT portal? That, too, is compatible with the B2B portal. It can even help decrease the workload on your backoffice and administration teams, by helping your customers to perform tasks in your system themselves through smart self-service applications.

Implementing our B2B portal offers a premium self-service digital experience to your customer:

  • it’s easy to use both on desktop and mobile, providing a single point of contact as well as a single sign-on;
  • it can be fully personalised to suit your specific needs;
  • it offers real-time information and automates process flows, enabling 24/7 availability;
  • it opens direct lines of communication for questions or feedback, empowering the customer.

ODTH First Class Logistics values transparency towards its customers above all else. That’s why the logistics service provider decided to build a customer portal that offers full transparency on customer stock and shipments in its smart warehouse. Discover the story.

The B2B portal: what’s in it for you?

Besides significant benefits for you and your customers, the B2B portal offers key IT advantages as well:

  • it’s module agnostic;
  • because it’s a web application, it accommodates almost any device;
  • it’s back-end compatible with ECC and S/4HANA on premise or in the cloud, and even with non-SAP systems;
  • apps are powered by SAP Fiori – a proven technology built on SAP best practices and industry-leading design principles. However, the B2B Portal also accommodates legacy applications and packaged applications.

Do you want to know more about the integration of our B2B Portal and SAP Commerce Cloud? Discover the story at Van Marcke.

Extend the possibilities of your SAP environment

The Flexso team is passionate about developing smart solutions for real business challenges. We created a series of accelerator packs, including the B2B Portal, to give your business as well as your interactions with customers and partners a definitive boost. We work directly with your team to configure the B2B Portal according to your specific needs before the implementation. The result? A platform tailored to your – and your business partners’ – requirements.

Learn more about how Flexso’s B2B Portal helps you provide better customer experiences and communicate more efficiently with your business partners.

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